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By Madsen Pirie

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A advisor to a hundred and one thinkers within the heritage of philosophy. It summarizes the contribution a hundred and one key philosophers who've made to the improvement of philosophical suggestion, because the historic Greeks. It bargains a glimpse into each one philosopher's existence and paintings.

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We must divide things into those we can control, and those we cannot. Within our power are our character and judgement, but beyond our exclusive control are the goals of health, wealth and renown. The way to happiness, says Epictetus, is to limit our desires to the areas we can control, and to teach ourselves to acquiesce in those we cannot. Wealth and pleasure cannot be good in themselves, for they do not benefit all who experience them; they can be only of instrumental assistance. But living the life of reason, and living virtuously according to nature, is always good.

They are no longer paradoxes to modern scholars, but they did inspire Greek thinkers to seek physical accounts of matter, rather than proposing mixtures of different things. And they persuaded Democritus and the atomists to propose tiny indivisible constituents of matter. 11. Diogenes c 472–323 BC There are no surviving writings by Diogenes of Sinope, dubbed ‘the Cynic’, but we have a vivid picture of the man and his ideas from those who wrote about him. Diogenes was not a cynic in the modern sense of questioning people’s motives.

22. Ptolemy c AD 85–c 165 Claudius Ptolemaeus is principally known for the Ptolemaic System, a model of the universe which has a fixed earth at the centre, with sun, moon, planets and stars revolving around it in concentric spheres. Greek by origin, but living in the Roman province of Egypt, Ptolemy’s fame rests on three major treatises, on Astronomy, Geography and Astrology, though he also wrote on music and optics and was an accomplished mathematician. Ptolemy’s most celebrated work was The Mathematical Collection, known to us by its Arabic name The Almagest (greatest compilation), finished about AD 150.

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