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By Alycea Ungaro

ISBN-10: 0756633575

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ISBN-10: 1405326581

ISBN-13: 9781405326582

No time to workout? No challenge! DK's new 15-Minute health sequence provides the entire instruments you must squeeze standard workout into your existence. This impressive new structure deals: 4 targeted gatefolds for simple, step by step guide; a DVD to stroll you thru each one regimen; and a fully-illustrated, fully-annotated ebook that can assist you excellent your method. opt for one in all 4 whole mini-workouts every day to focus on a selected a part of the physique, and to boost, stretch, and construct your approach to a extra toned, fitter you.

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17) with heels together and toes apart. Tighten the seat and draw the waistline inward and upward. Raise the arms forward directly in front of you, in line with the shoulders, palms facing upward. Keep the elbows long but not locked. keep arms at shoulder-height 1b With internal resistance (see p. 17), bend the arms in past 90º. Be sure the elbows remain high as you bend them. Now open the arms out with the same resistance. Repeat 5 more times, inhaling to extend, and exhaling to bend. On your last repetition, lower the arms smoothly down to your sides.

Repeat 5 more times, inhaling as you roll and exhaling as you return. aim sitbones to the sky don’t rock onto neck day by day >> day by day program >> 15 minute summary summary day by day 1a s Abs Wake-up page 22 2a 1b sAbdominal Curls page 23 s Abs Wake-up page 22 7a s Single-leg Stretch page 28 2b s Abdominal Curls 8 7b s Single-leg Stretch page 28 sD  ouble-leg Stretch 1 page 29 9 s Double-leg Stretc 3a s The Hundred page 24 s The Hundred page 24 page 23 ch 2 page 29 3b 10a s Spine Stretch Forward page 30 10 b Spine Stretch Forward page 30 4a s The Rolldown page 25 5a 4b sS  ingle-leg Circles page 26 s The Roll-down page 25 11 s The Swan page 31 5b s Single-leg Circles 13 12 s Neck Roll page 31 s Child’s Pose page 32 14 s Pelvic Lift page 32 6a s Rolling Preparation page 27 s page 26 2 6b s Rolling Preparation page 27 15 a s Rolling Like a Ball page 33 15 b s Rolling Like a Ball page 33 40 >> day by day extras The most important thing about this program is making sure you do it.

Continue lengthening to arc up off the mat. Use your stomach muscles to support you. Lower with control. Repeat 2 more times. legs may separate take elbows to 90° angle 12 From your final Swan, turn your head to the right, then circle your chin down and around to the other side. Return to center looking straight ahead. Reverse. Repeat 2 more times. After 4 repetitions, lower with control. stretch the neck keep weight centered day by day >> 32 >> child’s pose/pelvic lift 13 Push back to sit on your heels with your back rounded, hands in front of you.

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