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The Carib language, also known as Galibi or actual Carib, is spoken through a few 7000 humans dwelling in Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil. Henk Courtz's e-book, initially a Leiden collage Ph.D. dissertation, features a targeted description of Carib grammar and the main wide stock of Carib lexemes and affixes up to now. the fabric is of curiosity to students within the fields of linguistic typology, comparative Cariban linguistics, Carib dialects, and to an individual who's curious to understand extra in regards to the Carib language of South-America. Please stopover at the publisher's web site ( for excerpts and errata.

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3), this book maintains it is not necessary and even uneconomic to write long vowels. g. erupa ‘talk to’), the irregular stress is indicated in the dictionary. ). 105 Mosonyi Hoff Renault-Lescure this book sapaato [sapa:to] sapa:to [sapa:to] sapato [sabaɁto] sapato /sapato/ ‘shoe’ asaapatoorü [asa:pato:ɽi] asa:pato:rï [asa:pato:ɽi] asapatoli [asaɁpadoɽi] asapatory /a-sapato-ri/ ‘your shoe’ For a central vowel between y and a that occurs in related languages the symbol ə is used. 2 Vowel perseverance The high vowels like to persevere their pronunciation till after the following consonant or consonant cluster.

The view of Álvarez and Socorro (reiterated in Álvarez 2006) agrees with views presented in grammars of the related languages Hixkaryana (Derbyshire 1985 234-235) and Trio (Meira 1999 146 and Carlin 2004 384). 3: Adjectival nouns). 76 Hoff 1968 126-127. 77 According to our information, not only the anaphoric pronominal prefix ty- is used in past habitual forms that may be interpreted as finite, but another third person prefix, i-, as well. Thus, this book contains the first description of the third person prefixes i- and ty- being used in finite verb forms.

38 | A Carib grammar: Sounds coupled with a morphological analysis, written in phonemes, with stress indicated by underlining the syllable nucleus. 12 Stress related vowel variation The plosive phonemes /p t k Q/ The nasal phonemes /m n N/ The sibilant /s/ The retroflex flap /r/ The semivowels /w/ and /j/ Following these discussions, all Carib in this book that is not written between slashes or square brackets, is written according to the orthography explained. 1 Vowels and stress Vowel length is written by both Mosonyi and Hoff, but not anymore by RenaultLescure, who agreed to Hoff in her earlier publications.

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