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In A Darwinian Left, Peter Singer argues that the political left has misunderstood Darwinian rules and hence been adversarial to the appliance of Darwinian pondering to politics. these at the political left who search a extra egalitarian society should still as a substitute embody evolutionary principles and find out how to use evolutionary pondering with the intention to construct the type of cooperative society sought.

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It was written as a response to the emergence of Sociobiology', which it described as 'another biological determinism'. In its focus on social and economic causes of'social evolution', it perpetuates the standard Marxist idea of Darwin for natural history and of Marx for human history. 30 CHAPTER 2 Can the Left Accept a Darwinian View of Human Nature? Unpopular ideas In the twentieth century the dream of the perfectibility of humankind turned into the nightmares of Stalinist Russia, China under the Cultural Revolution, and Cambodia under Pol Pot.

Then they can each see that to minimise the total amount of time spent in prison by the two of them, neither should confess. Although a once-in-a-lifetime prisoner's dilemma is insoluble, the situation changes when the same parties find themselves faced with repeated prisoner's dilemmatype choices. Then, even though in each choice the participants can do better by not cooperating, over time 49 cooperation may be the better strategy. To test this idea, and to discover exactly what strategy would have the best pay-offs, Axelrod invited people interested in game theory to send in their suggestions for what strategy would produce the best pay-off for the person using it, if they were in repeated prisoner's dilemma situations.

Tit for Tat also won a second tournament that Axelrod organised, even though the people sending in strategies this time knew that it had won the previous tournament, and were trying to beat it. 50 Learning from Tit for Tat The success of a strategy in a computer simulation tournament may seem a long way from real life, but the left, can learn from Axelrod's work about how to build a more cooperative society. Axelrod's results, which have generally been supported by subsequent work in the field, can serve as a basis for social planning that should appeal to the left.

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