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Deafen; muffle; mask; tone down (colors). t. satiate, sate, satisfy. assoyant, p. pr. (of asseoir) seating, etc. t. subjeet; make fast, make tight, fasten ; confine, bind ; wedge in. r. submit. t. assume. assurance, /. assurance ; insurance ; security. a. assured ; insured ; secured ; sure, certain ; firm, steady. assurément, adv. assuredly, certainly; securely ; confidently. t. assure ; insure ; secure ; assert. r. assure, secure, etc. oneself ; satisfy onesélf ; rely, trust ; take possession.

August; harvest. , r. & i. ripen. t. appease, pacify, calm, allay. Apalaches, f. pi. Appalachians. apepsie, /. ) apepsia, indigestion. t. & r. perceive, notice, see. aperçoit, pr. S sing. (of apercevoir) pereeives. a. perceived, etc. (see apercevoir). m. glance, (rapid) view, rough estimate, outline, sketch. apériodique, a. aperiodic, (of instruments) deadbeat. apéritif, a. ) aperient, aperitive. m. ) aperient, aperitive. aphlogistique, a. aphlogistic, flameless. aphrodisiaque, a. & m. ) aphrodisiac.

Sight; aspect, appearance. asperge, /. asparagus; asparagus shoot. aspergement, m. = aspersion. t. sprinkle, sparge. aspergille, /. ) Aspergillus. aspérité, /. roughness, unevenness; harshness; asperity. asperme, a. seedless. aspersion, /. sprinkling ; aspersion. aspersoir, m. sprïnkler, sparger. aspérule, /. ) Asperula. — odorante, woodruff. asphaltage, m. aspbalting. asphalte, wi. asphalt, asphaltum. t. asphalt. asph altique, a. asphaltic, asphalt. asphaltisation, /. conversion into asphalt, inspissation (of petroleum).

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